Leaders from various counties and cities in Lishui visited the Tian Xi group.

Time:2018-10-31 12:00:00

On the afternoon of Oct. 24, more than 100 people, led by Xu Guangwen, deputy mayor of Lishui, visited and investigated Tianxi Group. Wang Zhengfei, Deputy Secretary of Jinyun County Committee and executive vice director of the Administrative Committee, and Hu Zhengxin, deputy director of the Administrative Committee, accompanied the inspection.

Xu and his party visited the home appliance automation workshop and the cooking utensils stamping workshop under the leadership of Lv Hai, Vice General Manager of the Group, Jing Huayu, Manager of the Manpower Administration Center, and Zhang Kaihong, Manager of the home appliance production line.

Near the precise positioning detection line in the automation workshop, Vice Mayor Xu was attracted by the working automatic handling robot. He asked what kind of robot it was and what functions and functions it had. Zhong Guozhi, chief designer of automation workshop, introduced the remarkable improvement of product quality, labor cost and production efficiency by using robots instead of manual handling.

New intelligent manufacturing machines, such as cardboard boxes, code-stamping robots and automatic dispensing machines, have attracted visitors to stop and watch, taking pictures and videos of the machines with their mobile phones, leaving behind rare scenes.

Subsequently, Vice Mayor Xu and his party also visited all the cooking utensils stamping workshops with six-axis and four-axis manipulators. Zhao Hong, the manager of human resources department, gave a full explanation to the visitors. He introduced the intelligent manufacturing production mode, lean production management and the application of the seven IE analysis methods in the automation workshop. The image of Tianxi Group's intelligent manufacturing leader was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.